June 5th Littles Menu

The littles menu is meant to mimic our main menu each week, so your babies eat similar foods to the rest of your family. This is a great way to broaden your little one's palette and keep eating fun and nutritious. I don't add salt or sweetener to any of the littles menu items, so they are safe to feed for younger babies who are avoiding high sodium and sugary foods. If you have a toddler over the age of 1 years old, I recommend adding a little bit of salt to each of their items to bring out the flavors. I also cut/cook the items on this menu according to baby-led-weaning recommendations. 

*I am not an expert on baby-led-weaning, so please reference sources like Solid Starts for more tips on feeding babies if you're newly beginning the process. 

Meal delivery is limited to a 5 mile radius around Costa Mesa/Newport Beach. Meals will be delivered every Monday afternoon between 3pm-6pm. For requesting specific delivery times, please send an email to hello@chefkaylie.com. You must order your meals by the Friday prior to the delivery date. There is a weekly order minimum of $60.